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RSR CD Selection
Media #: RSR-001-MVD
The Mark DeRose Group 'DANOBI' CD was recorded live at the Rinshouji Temple, Nagano Japan and features the exotic, jazz inspired, Asian sounds of the shakuhachi, erhu, shamisen, wadaiko and the Jyoumon taiko.

Song Selection
01. Wadaiko Sudeuchi/Shakuhachi
02. My Favorite Things
03. When Asia Dreams
04. Saima
05. Kuroda Bushi
06. Yuya's Theme
07. Jyoumon Taiko Jam
08. Tanchame Bushi
09. Jyoungara Bushi
10. When I think Of You


Shakuhachi & Yokobue: Mamoru Katouno / Violin & Erhu: Reiko Tsuchiya / Tsugaru Jamisen: Katsunari Sawada / Piano & Keyboards: Chiharu Kuroki / Vibraphone & Steel Drum: Mike Emenau / Acoustic & Electric Basses: Karl Kaminski
Drums, Percussion, Wadaiko, Jyoumon Taiko, Piano & Bass Marimba: Mark DeRose


Guitars: Sueaki Harada / Violin & Pianika: Toshihiro Nakanishi

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Media #: RSR-0003-MVD

Forever And A Moment is a live concert recording dedicated to the memory of Mr. Kentaro Yamamoto, 5th-Degree Black Belt Instructor, In You Ryu Kempo Karate. The CD includes the 'DANOBI' band's rendition of the J-folk song 'Kaigara Bushi' and features the Jyoumon taiko on 'Ryuujin'. 

Song Selection
01. Forever And A Moment
02. Kaigara Bushi
03. Ryuujin
04. Forever And A Moment (Jazz Version)


Shakuhachi: Shouzan Tanabe / Erhu: Liu Feng / Shamisen: Katsunari Sawada / Piano & Keyboards: Peter St. Ledger / Acoustic Bass: Chris Silverstein
Drums, Percussion, Wadaiko & Jyoumon Taiko: Mark DeRose

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Executive Producer, Mark De Rose

An original 'Country Music' sound featuring the Brasilian accordion and percussion instruments.

Experience the sound that moves millions in Brasil!!!

* Recorded in Curitiba, Brasil

RSR Music Video Selection

The Mark DeRose Group in Concert was recorded live at the Cowbell Hall in Tottori, Japan.This video is the first live recording of a series of concert tours throughout central Japan featuring the jazz inspired, Asian world music sound of the 'DANOBI' Band. Produced by Mark DeRose and Rising Sun Records™.

Song Selection
01. Wadaiko & Shakuhachi Session
02. My Favorite Things
03. When Asia Dreams
04. Lan Fua Fua
05. Tanchame Bushi
06. Tsugaru Jyoungara Bushi
07. Saima
08. Eastern Village
09. La Samba
10. Kaigara Bushi
11. Kuroda Bushi
12. *Special Track: Forever And A Moment

RSR Media No. RSR-004-MVD

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Shakuhachi: Shouzan Tanabe, Erhu: Liu Feng, Shamisen: Katsunari Sawada, Piano & Keyboards: Peter St. Ledger, Acoustic Bass: Chris Silverstein
Drums, Percussion, Wadaiko & Jyoumon Taiko: Mark DeRose

RSR Film Music Selection

"George Bryan in Japan" was filmed on location at: Komaba, Ichigohama, Hiratsuka, Miyazaki, Solag, The Wedge, Cabo and Hawaii. The video features original computer music by Mark DeRose.

Please contact SSJ, Inc. for more details about this video and other skimboard VHS releases:

SSJ, Inc.
Japan 601-8446 Kyoto City Minami-ku Nishi Kujyo Takashima Cho 33-2
Telephone 075 682-8910


"Kick The Waves"
"Cho Beri Blues"
"Just Let It Hang"
"Wave Rider"
"Mark's Jam"

All selections composed, arranged, produced, and programmed by Mark DeRose 
Copyright © 1998 Mark DeRose Music Publishing/ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

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This national school system educational release entitled "To Shi Shun" is the Japanese version of the Chinese folk tale
'Tu Tse Chun' and features the computer music sound track of Mark DeRose. 

Please contact:
The National Board of Education, Japan 
Japan 107 Tokyo-to Minato-ku Minami Aoyama
2-11-14 Ichiizu Bil.2F

The 'New History of World Art' 17th edition features the 'DANOBI' band performing the video's theme song 'Eastern Village', composed and arranged by Mark DeRose.

Contact the production and distribution office for more details concerning the New History of World Art video information series at:

Japan 101-01 Tokyo-to Chiyoda-ku Hitotsubashi 2-3-1

'Eastern Village' 
Copyright © 1998 Mark DeRose Music Publishing/ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

RSR Picture Book Selection
Media#: RSR-002-MVD
'Taiko Tatakeba, So Happy'
(The Magic of Drums) 
A picturebook/CD story narrated in Japanese, featuring some of Tokyo's most popular up and coming animation voice actors. Written and illustrated by 'Sarah' one of Japan's most 'talked about' authors for children.
The CD features original computer music by Mark DeRose.

This limited release item has been sold out.

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