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MDR is proud to introduce Eli Cano & Bossa Nouveau.

Mark De Rose and Eliana Cano team-up to bring the exciting dancing and percussive sounds of Brazil! Traditional costumes and drums transform any party into an instant trip to Brazil.

Bossa Nouveau is a unique, acoustic ensemble featuring the beautiful Bossa Nova and Choro music of Brazil. The musicians who bring you this wonderful sound are world class, seasoned performers.

Ms Eliana Cano
Bossa Nouveau at the Permira Event

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Eliana Cano
Eliana Cano has been dancing all her life.
From classical ballet to modern dance and traditional samba, she is truely a dancer of many talents. Her many performance credits include the 'Grand Opening of the Bayside Theater' and dance work with famous artists including Latin singer, Celia Cruz.
Ms Cano is also an active fitness instructor in south Florida and is a member of the AFAA.
Please contact Mark De Rose for booking information.
Telephone: (561) 789-4114

Ms Eliana Cano

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