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MARK'S® Drum & Fitness Studio
A better Mind, Body and Spirit with Drums and Fitness!

Since 1985, many students in Asia, south America and the United States have studied with drummer/percussionist, Mark De Rose. 
Eliana Cano has been an active fitness instructor in the south Florida area for over 10 years. 
MARK'S® Studio is 40 years of collective music and fitness education experience.

MARK'S® Education Concept


Mark De Rose, founder and director of MARK’S® Studio, has been active in the international music education world  'Inspiring' private and group classes are an important part of the MARK’S® Studio curriculum. Based on cutting edge know how and combined teaching experiences of over 40 years, the MARK’S® Studio curriculum introduces people of all ages to drums and personal fitness in many different learning environments including one-on-one lessons, semi-private lessons and group classes.  Our music students and fitness clients alike, share their respective learning experiences as they develop a love of music and work together to achieve their personal goals in drumming and/or fitness.

High Quality

MARK’S® Studio - Drums, aims to create performance ready, music-knowledgeable drummers. We believe basic music theory is essential in the making of a great drummer. Our approach has been developed around Mark’s unique and effective teaching style that was developed in Asia and practiced in Japan, Brazil and the United States. The student textbooks and materials are time tested and proven to achieve fast and long-lasting performance results.

MARK’S® Studio - Fitness, headed by Eliana Cano, includes individual and classroom workout programs designed to give you the best results. From Basic Pilates to Senior Chair Classes, Ms. Cano is dedicated to creating a productive and ‘fun’ atmosphere that motivates you to learn and grow and achieve your fitness goals.



MARK’S® Studio cultivates ability, creativity, and a love of drumming and physical fitness. We believe they go hand-in-hand! 

MARK’S® Studio drum students learn to listen, perform, read, comprehend, and appreciate every aspect of drumming. As they advance, students study rhythm transcription, individual and group performance, improvisation and drum/percussion composition. The MARK’S® Studio method offers a fun and relaxing environment enabling all students to realize their life long dream of learning to play drums and percussion.

MARK’S® Studio fitness clients enjoy a healthier life style with Pilates, elastic band training, chair training and senior class training. We encourage an important understanding of self, by educating our clients on self-assessment, assigning practical fitness goals and the ‘how to’ needed to achieve those goals. We are here to consult, recommend, train and walk hand-in-hand with you toward your fitness goals and a healthier way of life through practical fitness training.


Research has shown that intellectual, emotional, and physical development is positively and deeply impacted by both musical instrument study and physical fitness awareness and daily application. MARK’S® Studio encourages the development of a healthy mind, body and spirit through drums and fitness.

We here at MARK’S® Studio aspire to produce students who recognize, appreciate and enjoy drumming and physical fitness as a necessary part of their daily lives.

Music and Kids - The Smart Choice!
It is widely known and accepted in the education community that music stimulates the brain and provides a basis for developing language skills, listening skills and overall creativity. In fact, research shows that children who play an instrument excel academically and score higher in all subjects on standardized tests.

The music education industry has known for years that students who play a musical instrument generally rank at the top of their class in all areas of education. Recent studies prove that the study of music develops the mind and enables the student to reach a higher level of awareness, understanding and creativity. Children do better in all aspects of life when subjected to music studies early on.

By giving your child the opportunity to play a musical instrument, you are providing for self-expression, creativity and achievement. Artistic achievement and excellence are cultivated through each child’s personal growth and their mastery of the music discipline. Music education combines the use of the left brain (logical and analytical) and the right brain (intuitive and creative) simultaneously. Because of the combined usage of the left and right brain, studies have shown that music participation enhances:

Intellectual Development

  • Improves Standard Test Scores
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity
  • Develops abstract reasoning skills
  • Enhances concentration and memory skills
  • Sharpens problem solving skills
  • Develops focus
  • Enhances critical thinking  skills
  • Improves reading and math skills 

Emotional Development

  • Boosts self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Builds self-discipline
  • Improves School Attendance
  • Makes learning fun
  • Gives emotional satisfaction
  • Generates pride through achievement
  • Creates enthusiasm
  • Enhances goal setting capabilities
  • Enhances self expression

Social Interaction 

  • Encourages self-expression
  • Builds relationships with peers
  • Instills a sense of teamwork
  • Improves social skills
  • Enhances communication skills

Physical Development

  • Sharpens overall coordination
  • Hones sense of rhythm
  • Develops poise

We here at MARK’S® Studio believe the opportunity for your child to participate in music is now! Join the many parents in south Florida who have given their child this unique opportunity to discover a creative world that aspires them to dream, set goals and achieve success in life. Remember, your decision to enroll your child in music today may be one of the most important contributions you will ever make to their education...

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