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Mark's DANOBI Band Percussion Set-up

Mark has been teaching drums and percussion for over 30 years including a drum/percussion instructor position with the Yamaha Popular Music School in Tokyo, Japan. He teaches all levels in the jazz, funk, rock, pop, afro-Cuban and afro-Brasilian styles. Mark plays Drum-set, Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Djembe, Doumbek, Pandeiro, Tam tam, Jyoumon Drums (from Japan) and many other percussion instruments from around the world.

Mark’s drumming and percussion work in the jazz, fusion, Latin, folk and pop styles can be found on several recording labels including Sony Japan, RCA Victor, Toshiba EMI and Pony Canyon. He has appeared at many national and international jazz festivals including the Mount Fuji Jazz Festival, Japan and the Newport Jazz Festival. Mark's drum/percussion playing has been featured throughout Asia on CD recordings, movie sound tracks and television commercials. Mark’s percussion is also featured on the 2000 Summer Olympic theme song and he appears on recordings featuring well known artists including Don Alias, Delfeayo Marsalis and Don Byron.

Mark has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging from the Berklee College of Music. Classical percussion and music education studies at the Boston Conservatory of Music. Contemporary percussion and percussion ensemble studies at the College of Saint Rose.

Please contact Mark at (561)789-4114

Middle School & High School Performances

Drum and percussion students perform in student bands at school and general public venues.

Band Public Performance

Mark's drum and percussion students learn to read and write drum and percussion music. We believe transcription is the 'key' to continuing one's studies and making yourself a better player. The students learn how to listen to their favorite drummers and write the rhythms down for study and practice. Mark's students have the important tools to becoming the best drummers they can possibly be!

Drum & Percussion Classes
Popular Drum Beat Transcriptions
Eros on the congas
Eros with Georgie on congas
Warming-up for the show...
Study drums and percussion in the privacy of your home. Mark offers lessons to students of all ages from beginner to advanced levels. The classes are 'tailor-made' to support and enhance each students music goals. 

Drum classes are offered in Latin, jazz, rock, pop, funk and fusion genres.Mark features classes in afro-Cuban percussion for conga, bongo, timbales, shekere and afro-Brasilian percussion for pandeiro, tanborim and tam tam.


Middle School & High School Orchestra, Concert Band and Jazz Band Studies

Mark has been working with drum and percussion students in preparation for the yearly All-County and All-State auditions as well as school and community performances.

Drum & Percussion Studies in:

  1. Marching Snare Drum, Tenor Drum & Quad Drum Reading and Performance

  2. Drum-set Rhythms (Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, afro-Cuban & afro-Brazilian) and Chart Reading

  3. Orchestral Percussion including Snare Drum, Tympani, Concert Bass Drum and Auxilliary Percussion

Georgie on drums at the School Christmas Concert
Mark's Reviews

"My daughter has been a student with Mark for over a year. She has come so far and has learned so much in such a short time. Mark is extremely talented and knowledgeable. He is very serious, patient and super nice. If your child or if you really WANT to learn the drums, then I highly recommend Mark. He is our third instructor and the best one yet! You will not be disappointed."

Michelle S.

“I took drum lessons from Mark for about 7 months. I have been playing for 38 years but always thrive to learn more. He was able to provide me alternative exercises and help me gain a better understanding of my opportunities. I have been able to take my playing to another level. His approach to teaching is perfect for any level of student, beginner or advanced. He is a true professional and an outstanding person. You won't go wrong with Mark!” 

Blaine Vaz

“My son has been taking classes with Mr. Mark since over 2 years. He is simply superb, very knowledgeable about his music and teaches with a lot of patience and enthusiasm. I highly recommend him.” 
Sam C.

“Mark is patient, flexible and is a talented professional. In addition to the fantastic teaching he does I consider him a good role model.” 

Leonard C.

"Mark is an Outstanding, Brilliant Musician! Each lesson I have with him I am amazed at his talent on drums. He makes learning fun and he is very patient and understands when a student may need more time for mastering the lesson. I would highly recommend Mark De Rose if you are looking for a percussion instructor. His knowledge and experience world wide is incredible. He can teach you any instrument and makes it look so easy. He encourages the student to push themselves so that they can strive to the levels they want to accomplish to enjoy playing music. Best decision I made was hiring Mark as my teacher for the drum kit. Hint for a new student he knows if you practice or not!"

Wendy R.

“My son has been instructed by Mark for almost four years. Mark is an outstanding teacher. His credentials are by themselves impressive, but his ability to relate his knowledge to kids is even more so. Connor's ability to understand and read music is fantastic. Mark also knows the performance side of playing drums and has encouraged Connor to actually incorporate his knowledge to play alone and in a band. He is patient and encouraging which is what motivates Connor to work and practice. He is a mentor as well as a teacher. He is superior at what he does and we highly recommend him.” 

Ro J.

Percussion In The Park


Since 2012, Mark has been hosting the "Percussion In The Park" drum circle. Every month young dummers from all over south Florida get together to study, practice and perform percussion ensemble rhythms and grooves. 

Come join us from 11:00am~2:00pm every second Sunday of the month at the Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek (south side of Sample Road, 1/4 mile west of the Florida Turnpike). Drum-set, afro-Cuban & afro-Brazilian drums...!!!

Weekend Park fees apply. Please contact MARK'S® Music & Fitness Studio for details.

Weather conditions and scheduled Park Activities may cause a change in regularly scheduled class time. 

Please call (561) 789-4114 to confirm class date, time and location.

We look forward to seeing you there!

MDR Drum Circle Tokyo, Japan
          The MDR Drummer's Circle, Tokyo, was started in 1995 by drummer/percussionist Mark DeRose. The Drummer's Circle includes the 'Kid's Percussion Club', high school and college clubs, amature performers and semi-professional players clubs and professional music teachers clubs. Our curriculum includes 'ethnomusicology' as it applies to drums from Asia, Africa, America, South America, Cuba, the Caribbean and Mexico. Lectures include basic, intermediate and advanced techniques, rhythm studies, percussion ensemble studies and multi-ethnic percussion ensemble performance.

MDR Drum Circle, Tokyo
MDR DC J-Text 01
MDR DC J-Text 02
Yamaha Professional Teacher's Seminar

Professional Teacher's Seminar

The Yamaha Popular Music School anual teacher's seminars were designed to keep the instructors current on drums and percusssion. Many teachers skilled in Strings, Brass and Woodwinds regularly attended seminars designed to increase their awareness of drums and latin-percussion.

MDR Kid's Percussion Club
The Kid's Club
Conga drums
Talking drum
Percussion Club Events
Tokyo City Concert 'DANOBI' & The 'Kid's Club'

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Kid's Percussion Club, Japan

E-mail us for student enrollment and membership details.

MDR Kid's Club Membership Information

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