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Chage & Aska/HERE & THERE. M.DeRose, percussion.

CHAGE & ASKA 'Here & There' Single Release. Mark DeRose, percussion


ASKA Solo Album. M.DeRose, percusion.

ASKA 'Scene 3' Solo Album. Mark DeRose, percussion: Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 8


Chage & Aska, Double. M.DeRose, percussion

CHAGE & ASKA 'DOUBLE' CD Release. Mark DeRose, percussion,

Koyanagi Yuki, Remain

This J-Pop release features the Latin percussion sounds of Mark De Rose with a percussion solo on the title track.


Shirai Takako/LIVING. M.DeRose, drums/percussion.


AMBROSIA. M.DeRose, African percussion.

Independant Recordings

Mark DeRose/DANOBI. M.DeRose, drums/percussion and Jyoumon drums.


PEACE, LOVE & XMAS. M.DeRose, percussion.

Movie Sound Tracks

Movie Soundtrack/LIE LIE LIE featuring Bonnie Pink. M.DeRose, percussion.

Traditional Asian Music
Togi Hideki, Mode Of Rising Sun

This Sony Japan release features the Royal Court Music sounds of the 'Shichi-riki', 'Biwa', 'Sho' arranged and presented in modern day format bringing the ancient sounde to the contemporary listener. Mark's percussion is featured on the title track 'Mode Of Rising Sun'

Hino Terumasa, Spark

This Toshiba EMI J-Jazz release features the jazz trumpets sounds of  Hino Terumasa and the world reknowned percussion sounds of the late, great Don Alias (Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, David Sanborn...). Mark De Rose, Latin percussion. 

'Explosão Brasileira'
Explosão Brasileira CD Release
Drummer/percussionist, Mark DeRose and Explosão Brasileira, new music from Brazil
Explosão Brasileira
Drummer/percussionist, Mark DeRose and Explosão Brasileira. music from Brazil
Explosão Brasileira
EB Dressing Room
Willian & Renan with the band
EB on TV Brazil
EB on TV Brazil
Explosion Brazil
EB Tour Bus
Mark DeRose

Mark DeRose

Executive producer, Explosão Brasileira

Drummer/percussionist, Mark DeRose is known in Japan for his recording and/or performance work with Hino Terumasa, Marlene, Shirai Takako, Gao, Koyanagi Yuki, Ishii Seiko, Nishikiori Ken, Togi Hideki, Chage & Aska, ASKA (Chage & Aska) and many others. Mark has composed, arranged and directed works for NHK Television - Japan's National Broadcasting Corporation, and educational television, government sponsored educational videos and animated soundtracks. With close to a 100 recording credits including: CD recordings, TV and Movie sound track recordings and TV commercial recordings, Mark is one of the most recorded drummer/percussionists in Japan.

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